A walk in Germany

I recently spent a long weekend in the city of Munster in Germany. I had my trusty Fuji X70 with me which came into it`s own while walking around this lovely city.

The first two images were taken in the Museum for Kunst und Kultur. This is a lovely new building and light was flooding into the foyer area as I walked in through large glass doors. The background looked wonderful with the stairs and long bench. Both images were taken within a matter of minutes of each other as I walked through.

In the next shot I saw three guys enjoying their pommes from a street stall. I did like their obvious enjoyment and body language.

I was sat at a street side cafe drinking a coffee when my eye was caught by this guy leaning against the lamp post. From my position it was not possible to isolate him so I went with the shot as it was. Included in the shot is a tour guide and his group and a woman rushing by. Overall, I think it makes a good street scene with so much to see.

The final shot was taken while waiting outside a shop. The street was very busy with a constant stream of people between me and the guy on the fence. I was very lucky to get a clear moment to take this.

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